Ahlan Wa Sahlan
Refugee Welcome Pack

Shortlisted in the Creative Conscience 2018 awards.

In order to tackle issues with language, employment, integration and empowerment amongst refugees I created a welcome pack in which resettled refugees in the UK would receive. It aims to deal with the problems faced once resettled, after their already traumatic experiences fleeing war.

The pack consists of a language book, employment book, help cards (business card like with basic phrases to assist with language while out and about) and info card (with the nearest mosques and halal shops/ restaurants etc). There is also a miniature version of the pack for kids, with a kid friendly version of the language book and help cards. I also designed a potential app that could have all these features but be more interactive, along with regular updates on local events to promote integration with their new communities. One page in the language book will be tailored to their area and contain local dialect to also allow for better integration- an important feature.

The colours and patterns were inspired by Syrian dress and architecture in order to make them feel welcome and at home. I was assisted with the Arabic translations by two Syrian women; Joudy Haj Mansour and Yasmin Attar. The images used are also taken by various photographers which is stated below.

Photographs © 2018 by Nathan McBride, UNHCR/F.Juez, Chicago Tribune/Erin Hooley, Kelsey MacDonald, Taylor Kiser, Nathan Dumlao, Anjana Menon, Alissa Everett, Britta Pedersen, The Evening Standard and Layton Thompson / St George’s, University of London Press.

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